185 lb Amateur Fighters Needed

Hello Everyone!

This is Skip Hall and I'm looking for about three 185 pound fighters with LIMITED experience (not more than 3 or 4 fights for one and not more than 2 fights for the other) to fight on the DIXIE THROWDOWN II event held on August 18th at the Shriners Zamora Temple in Irondale. You will be fighting in front of a crowd of up to 1,800 people in the best venue in the South!

We take care of our fighters. Ask anyone who has fought for our event! Classy venue... EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL REF (David Ferguson - Memphis Judo& Jiu-Jitsu school owner/trainer and WINNER of the Arnold S. Open Grappling Championships for 2005, plus MMA competitor/trainer/manager)..... EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL FIGHT DOCTOR (Dr. Lanway Ling - UFC Fight Doctor)..... EXCELLENT JUDGES (All three have judged over 100 fighting events)..... Classy RING Girls (Fantasy Girls) ... ALL AGES ADMITTED ..... EXCELLENT SECURITY .... AFTERFIGHT PARTY at the TEMPLE .... Food Catered at the Weigh-ins and Pre-Fight Day. Plus a "usual grab bag" of fight stuff donated by sponsors of our sport.

If your interested call: 205-902-7708 TODAY TODAY TODAY