#19 to be retired tonight.


Please pay attention. One of the finest players to ever put on a pair of skates is being honored tonight.


I know the retirement ceremony is only an hour long, so they will have a difficult time squeezing in the thousands of highlight moments of The Captain's career.

However, I do hope they show Him standing on the bench, making the "Heavyweight Champ Belt" gesture after Bob Probert punked Coconuthead Monkey Boy again.

lol @ Tahir and his fans.


Probie is/was in attendance tonight. LOL. Looks like he's still in pretty good shape too.

Also, Konstantinov walked onto the ice with a walker. The place went crazy.


having it against anaheim. what a joke your orginization is.

Mad respect to Mr. 19.

Another great hockey player, leader, person etc.... coming out of Canada.

Huge respect. Second best player to ever wear that jersey, and quite possibly the greatest captain in all of pro sports.

I'm a Leafs fan and I cried like a little baby!

Stevie Y is the definition of hockey greatness! (heart, determination, skills, team player etc.)

What was so awesome was he never once in his speech took any credit for his own success! He thanked everyone from the top down, even thanked Tim Chevedae! LOL What a fucking great guy!

And why the fuck was this ceremony presented against Anaheim? It should either be Leafs, Chicago, Blue, or the maybe even the Dead Stars.

note: (his oldest daughter is going to be a hottie in another 5 years)

Hate to rain on the parade, but yes he did have an ego, and no he didn't work well under Bowman. Bowman was very close to shipping his ass out of town.



Whatever you dirty czech toucher.

Anyone have a video link to his speech or a transcript?

Never mind found it.