19 year old rottie want to travel and fvck. (Pic)

Chinese student, 19, sparks outrage by offering sex to different man in each city on her backpacking trip to pay her travel costs.

A 19-year-old backpacker from China has sparked outrage by offering to have sex with a different man in every city she visits to fund her travels.

Student Ju Peng, from the eastern city of Shanghai, had posted an online ad looking for 'temporary boyfriends' who must be 'good looking, under 30, taller than 1.75 metres and, of course, rich'.

Ju says: 'They will fund my transport to their city and all my expenses while I am there and they need to be generous.' Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Link? Papal? Phone Post 3.0

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ushome/index.html Phone Post 3.0

Just a hooker. Phone Post 3.0

It seems she has no issue becoming a sex slave.

^ That gif, lol! Have a vote.

Where is the pic of the proud father with his own sword disembowelling himself? Phone Post 3.0

A traveling hooker.

Meh, I'd rather just call a regular hooker that I don't need to show around.

I know for a fact she can travel from one side of america to the other free of charge.  lawd have mercy!


garythekid - Prolly has a hairy cooch

God I hope so! 

garythekid - Prolly has a hairy cooch
You say it like its a bad thing. Phone Post 3.0

garythekid - Prolly has a hairy cooch

One can only hope.

If she is planning on a So Cal visit I have a spare room.

Damn fine that's for sure Phone Post 3.0

she is offering a service for money, no need to hate on her

she is upfront about it and not being shady,

props to her, I wish more women were this open

there are droves of women like her, its just that they do not openly announce what they are doing