19-year-old who allegedly had sex with a horse, held without bale

I loved when Tom Leykis would blow people up Ken Pinyan/Enumclaw style


thats gonna be enough internets for me today lol


This thread reeks of the ghay.

He also involved the animal in BDSM…

…and was released without bond


Lol @ “breaking and entering” for a guy that fucked a horse. Of course he had to break it before he could enter it, he’d never catch the thing.


This guys life is way off track, someone will need to grab the reins.


That’s what I’m saying right there… I’ll bet a ton of people that bang horses are going to be alert after this one.

Look at that picture. Just look at it. That dude was in the zone.

Never wanted to bang a horse, but I know the power of a teenage boner is not to be trifled with.

When dude stuck it in the horse said"hay."

Regulators! Mount up!

Shit I didn’t even catch that, VU

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Classic ryan here

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“Pants down and his penis up”

michael jordan laughing GIF

If you are actually able to complete that mission, thats on the horse, not the kid.
Zero grounds for prosecution.