1950's Australian "Ju-Jitsu" book

My wife and I recently moved my 86-year old father in law from the house he'd lived in for over 40 years into a retirement home.

While going through all his stuff and packing it up or tossing it, I found a little book called "Hit 'em Hard - Ju Jitsu ..." by a guy called Tommy Turner. I'm not sure how old it is, but it looks like 1950's.

My FIL is one of the laziest men on the planet, and I can't see him doing anything like this; his son, my BIL, was in the Navy but has no apparent interest in either fighting or any form of exercise. I've no idea whose it was originally.

I've scanned it and placed the result here:


Excuse the poor page design, but I have neither great talent or interest whien it comes to web page design. The images may load a bit small, but will zoom up to legible size. I's been sitting in a garage for decades, so it wasn't in great condition.

None of the techs here are going to take you to the next UFC final, but hopefully someone will enjoy them.

Thanks for the effort it took to do that.

I'd guess 40's, maybe Jason or someone knows for sure.

Despite some really silly stuff overall I thought it was better than most from it's era.

yes, thanks.

that is fun stuff.

Righteous post - Thanks for Sharing!

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This is really interesting. Thanks for posting.

Tommy Turner's Hit 'em Hard was around 1942, part of the WWII combatives boom. He also had a "Judo Simplified" and a "How to Box" around the same 1942-1943 time period.

Turner was a rough and tumble guy, mainly wrestling and boxing, IIRC. Around that time period I'm not sure who he would have studied jj/judo with, outside of the military combatives circle. A.J. Ross would probably have been the biggest Australian judo/jj guy around then. The axehand type blows were a huge influence on Aussie combatives of the period.


I appreciate the scans and post too, thanks.

TT also wrote a Boxing and Judo book.