1970s GI Joe > 1980s GI Joe

That’s a gi joe of a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude… with kung fu grip.

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70s lineup had no ninjas. You don’t need a realistic prickly beard when you’re a ninja. Bring that kung fu bullshit into Storm Shadow’s dojo and see how far it gets you.

Listen up, haters: we had something called imagination. We didn’t need a million accessories. Just give us an ethnically ambiguous man of a doll with multiple points of articulation, and stand back.

Also, the Micronauts were the tits.


Those big gi joes are stupid as hell


Yep, they’re almost as stupid as the people in here that like them

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IMO both were equally fabulous.


How about a fusion of them instead?

Hmmm, tell me more.

There was 3.75 version of the Adventure Team released nearly a decade ago as an exclusive.


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My best friend had that helicopter. That’s all I wanted to play with when I was at his house. My big Jim logged a lot of combat missions in that chopper.

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Came with these too:


The 70’s Joes were basically just US military dolls. They were before my time, but I remember one of my Uncles telling me about them back in the day and I always thought they were cool. I also remember seeing old pictures of Mego toys in magazines for things we didn’t have much for in the 80’s like Marvel Comics and Star Trek. The bigger scale was always cool to see.