1984 Documentary Red Dawn

Looking back on this bleak time and how it inspired me to become an 11 series soldier. My prayers to the children lost in that conflict.

Never forget,, 




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You think you're tough?...for eatin' beans every day? 

Thank you John Frederick Milius for capturing the details of this war.

I visit freedom rock 3 times a year.

Avenge me boys!

Avenge me!!

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It is the early worm that is eaten by the bird.


All that hates gonna eat you up.

it keeps me warm

…something happened to her.


Holy shit I was drunk. You guys are the only ones I didn't send dick pix to.

Borgata Grille 2 -
badpvtdan -

Clean this shit up. Wires and nintendo paddles all strewn about like some fat unkempt slob. Fucks wrong with you?

I know. I'm ashamed.

Fixed. Go Army. Beat Navy.

badpvtdan -

Fixed. Go Army. Beat Navy.

How’d that work out…