1996 Canadian Judo National Championships

Here's the Canadian national judo championships from 1996, shown on television from 20 years ago ... complete with weird commercials.

Hey Wombat. Thanks for sharing! Weird commercials indeed...by the way, do you think Canadian viewers would watch the CND Judo Nationals on the CBC nowaways? Considering how much more knowledgeable viewers are towards grappling/newaza due to MMA and the popularity of bjj and nogi?...  




Thanks.  These days it'd be a better idea to stream it on YouTube.  I watched the Mongolian judo championships a few weeks ago and it was pretty awesome.

Saw the Mongolian Natl' Championship as well...what a deep pool of talent and overall high level participation rate. Have you seen this 2 part series exploring the growth of the sport in MGL?

part 1


part 2


*this two part video was produced for a japanese audience, it's slant as to why the sport is popular in Judo is partially condending, somehow they imply that these MGL judokas are in it just for the $. WTF cares what the motive is, bottom line they win MEDALS!


One of the most exciting styles of competition internationally for me...that the Georgians, Russians and Slovenians.  

Ok enough of the rant. You watch the Paris Grand Slam this weekend?