19yo U of Tampa student tries to get into wrong/random car and gets shot and killed by car owner

I don’t state… I province. When we climb into the wrong car in Canada the driver looks at you and says “I’m sorry, did I park in your spot?”

I discovered how different the Florida species was when I saw pics of that dude eating the other dude’s face off while laying on the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon a few years ago after spinkling his lunch with bath salts.


his car, dark vehicle or not. time or neighborhood doesnt matter. dont fuck with what isnt yours.

Gotta unlurk for a second here to…


You just nailed it my friend.

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You just stepped in shit as you tried to fly, shitbird

I’ll ask the same question of you as I proposed to someone above… if your mother walks out of the grocery store with a couple of bags holding her adult diapers and some vagasil, and with lots of daily distractions on her mind she goes to open the side door of the wrong bergundy minivan in the parking lot, looks just like hers but it’s one aisle over, and some foul minded chiquita impatiently waiting for her sister decides to blow your mother’s tits right off her chest, upon hearing the news of how it all wet down, are you honestly going to say “Stupid Mom, shouldn’t have fucked with what wasn’t hers!”

Grocery store scenario isn’t the same. It’s not late at night in a bad neighborhood. Your example also uses an old woman. Young men commit 99% of violent crime.

Kid simply made a terrible mistake. He shouldn’t have been that drunk at 19. His friends shouldn’t have let him be alone. He shouldn’t have been trying to get in a car to drive if he was drunk. Just a series of bad decisions that ended in a terrible tragedy.

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Did you read the post I was responding to?

“his car, dark vehicle or not. time or neighborhood doesnt matter. dont fuck with what isnt yours.”

Also, he likely was drunk as fuck, but we don’t necessarily know that he was so out of his mind, and that this was all on account of drunkiness. Could be he had a night out, and was totally burnt out after a long week of studies in the early part of the school year, and after a late night of socializing with new friends… he was dropped off in the wrong part of a neighbourhood that he only moved into a couple weeks ago when school began.

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I don’t want Zimmerman to get beat up again, but the rest of that night went okay.

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poor attempt at an insult. dont fuck with what isnt yours.

Has Ronny D said “if I had a son”? It worked so well last time around. Or is he going to let the legal process play to get actual facts?


some real tough guys on this thread

police “weeks away from determining if charges will be filed”

well thats better than months i guess, which is not unheard of in situations like this

I didn’t read the thread further than this, but the college kid might have thought his car was being stolen and tried to attack the thief, which to the real owner in the car would look like a drunk maniac trying to carjack him. If that was the case the shooting would look a lot more justifiable.