1st Battalion Combatives

1st Bragade Combatives: A Great Success

I was privileged to attend and assist in the 1st Annual 1st Battalion Combatives Tournament held Thursday April 15th. There were approximately 250 competitors that fought and an additional 200 or more spectators who attended the event. The fighters were separate into 3 separate weight classes and each match was a continuous 6-minute period with single elimination. The men and women fought with great courage and respect. The technique displayed by many of the competitors was superb. The event stimulated camaraderie, the warrior ethos, and a newfound interest in combative training. Myself and several of my students along with several combative instructors helped keep the 6 mats running from 9 am until 1:00 pm. The finals of the Tournament will take place this morning and we hope to post the results soon after. Captains Smith and Wecer did a fine job organizing the event and should be proud of their efforts. Colonel William Grimsley took time from his busy schedule to observe the event. He shook some hands and patted some backs to show his respect for the strength, courage and commitment these men have to the Army. Colonel Grimsley is a huge supporter of moving combative forward and has been the major impetus behind what we are seeing at Fort Stewart. I would not be surprised if next time he jumps in the brackets. Thanks again for allowing us to be apart of the event, we hope to continue to serve the Army and other Armed Forces in any we can.
Garth D. Spendiff M.S., CSCS
Relson Gracie Association, Savannah, GA
Head Instructor

Sounds like they had a great event. I am sorry we wern't able to get down there this time. Keep up the good work.