1st fight?

Enson. I have two opportunities for my 1st mma fight within two weeks of each other (feb 6th and Feb 21st)
The one on the 6th is a smaller show with probaly less experienced fighters. The one on the 21st is the biggest show in Mass and my opponent would much more experienced then me. What do you think I should do? (money is about the same) Should I go to get experience,or go for the big show?

How old are you? get the experience. If youdo good you will always be able to get in a bigger show.

Thanks Enson. The problem is I'm 36 and getting into this reeeeal late in the game. I found out that my opponent in the bigger show is a 1st timer also. Its a great opportunity so I'm gonna go with it. Thanks again for your advice and good luck on the 10th.