1st half = good, challenges sucked

Anyone else agree? The first half of the show mixed the drama with training clips and even highlights of the Leben/Swick fight. Nothing great, but still pretty cool. Then the challenges came along, and they sucked ass. I'm watching a show about fighters, I don't want to see them carrying a man in a recliner or sawing through logs. I want to see them train and fight. The episode lost a lot of steam during the challenges.

Luckily, it seems as though the next episode will feature actual fights.

lol that was pretty ghey

cant help it when its plastred on the screen.

"god...some of you guys are so transfixed on homosexuality..."

Most of that comes from the fightsport morons ... they are haters, always will be haters, and I don't see where they actually add anything at all (well, anything positive anyway) to the sport.

What's this about a free speech monster, yet you have to email them and ASK to join their "exclusive club of losers"?..lol How contradicting is that? Oh well, I guess these clowns need something to wake up and hate all day, everyday to keep themselves going, as it seems they are online 24/7, and must not have any lives to speak of outside of The UG, and their own little, festering, stink hole they call fightsport.

Also, is it just me, or does it seem there are only like 4-5 guys actually posting at fightsport, and they each have multiple names to make it seem as if they are a legion, instead of the small group of pathetic losers that they really are?..lol

Let me add that Jake R. is legit, and is the single part of fightsport that is anything but a joke. I know a few things, and let's just say that Jake R. is definately connected, and when he posts something ... it's more often than not correct!

With that said, fightsport as a whole SUCKS ASS!..lol