1st HIP SHOW 2-on-2 fight in USA happens TONIGHT!

Hip Show Arena Combat 2-on-2 fighting takes place for the first time on American soil THIS SATURDAY NIGHT in Bristol, VA!! This event features some of America's top amateur combatants pitted against a new breed of Russia's best. This American launch is the result of more than 2 years of hard work, and tonight a new chapter in combat sports history is written. See everyone inside the Arena!! Phone Post 3.0

Do you guys have stables looking for fighters? Phone Post 3.0

I will be watching! Phone Post 3.0

Anywhere to watch this?  Does the teammate yell "Worrrlstar" when his teammate blindside head kicks someone?

How in the hell hasn`t The Ring Master chimed in yet?

Never fear, bro. I would've responded earlier, but there was this ridiculously extensive amount of tasks in front of me with promoting/running/announcing this show alongside Mr. Oxendine. That being said, without getting into too much detail..

The show was great. We had 10 Arena Combat fights and they were all extremely exciting. The crowd was electric from the first fight to the last (which is rare in any fight), and we absolutely introduced this thing right. I can't drop results right now, as we are in negotiations with major television networks.

That being said, the hate, support, and everything in between really pushed us to do a great show. Everyone was very safe, the fighters bought in 120%, and 95% of them want back in. We are growing, and growing fast.