1st knockdown karate tournee

Bloody hell

Finish writing a discription of my fight and tried to post it, but server error on
the mma.tv website.

now I have to repost it.

Not feeling up to it

here is the short version

I fought in the over 32 year old division semi contact (full contact with pad)

my opponent was 35 years old, brown belt, 178 lbs 5' 9"

Me 32 years old, honarory black belt, 138 lbs, 5'3"

1 minute into the fight, I must have slip or something, fell to the ground, my
opponent land his knee on my eye socket when I was on the ground,

They had to stop the fight for a few minute to make sure i was ok,

had bloody nose, and a slight headache.

Continue with the fight, was a draw, and had to fight another 2 minute over

I was the more aggressive fighter, constantly pushing him out of bound.

But my punches and kicks didn't land clearly for the knock out.

10 second before the end of the over time, throw a high round house kick to his
head, he block with his elbow, busted up my instep. I was limbing a little bit,
he saw that and took advantage of it and threw a inner tigh kick to my other
leg, cause my leg to buck and my knee to touch the ground. Wazari score by my opponent

Lost by a wazari in the overtime.

I wish I had more time to train for this tournament

My coach, teammate and shihan Monaco thought I did really well.

Thanks for everyone, support, advice and encouragement.


Mong, how did it go?
I hope it went well.

let me know whe you get a chance.

I have talked to some friends and got the
scoop on the knockdown divisions, but I
have not heard about the Semi-Knockdown yet.


Mong, It takes alot of heart to step up to somthing that difficult, congratulations your a warrior!!


Man, that is a rough intro to knockdown fighting.

Sounds you have the heart of a fighter and
really made a good showing of yourself though.

Heal fast and kick some ass!


hey Knockdown

Thanks for all your advices and encouragements.

Hope to meet up with you and train in the future if our path ever cross

I said hi to Shihan Monaco on your behalf.

He said hi.

He is hoping that I might be able to compete in a few more event in the coming new years. and may be the Seido-kan in NY.