1st live ufc....sh!t was dope son!

bunch of awesome stoppages...a bad decision or 2...people in my seats when i got back from the bar/bathroom...

i got the full experience... casino host called me and told me i got 2 free tix and a free stay 2 weeks ago...

flew in standby thanks to the mom in law (60 bones round trip)

BLAF tweets about free tix...i ran my out of shape ass downstairs to the ufc fan thingy...scored a set of seats right above the floor. sold my comped tix for 1 fiddy (score)

and got to see Tito whup some ass...got wasted and am posting this before i pass out from a beer/tequila/cush binge...the only thing I regret was not finding the edibles in the arena! my iphone sucked balls in that place and i had no signal to check my tweets!

met kenflo, melvin g, robbie lawler, frank trigg, diego, laimon, and many more. coolest of te bunch was Ed Saores...he takes a ton of shit on this board but he was the nicest person i ever shared an elevator with

best sport and promotion on the planet

Laimon :bowdown:. Awesome that you had so much fun.

Awesome man! Love Ed soares, fuck the haters. He's great Phone Post

Dope card to be at. What a great night of fights.


MY IPHONE Pics suck donkey balls. i put some of the vids on my facebook though


 Nothing beats the live event, especially when The Who HL reel starts playing right before the PPV!  Gives me chills everytime!

TTT UFC live for the experience is great! Phone Post