1st time filleting fish TIPS?

Been catching perch regularly and keep hearing how good they are to eat, white perch. I’ve never attempted to fillet and cook fish I catch, is it as simple as get a sharp knife and watch a YouTube video or are there unspoken tips u can offer?

You can use this method on most fish.

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Cool thanks

A sharp flexible filleting knife makes it easier, the tricky thing is often holding the fish while you make the fillet cuts. In that pic above guy has his fingers hooked in gills, some people have a couple nails banged into their board from the bottom so you have a couple of points on top to hold the fish as you cut…


Gut it scale it and grill you bitch

I’ll post some pics as long as I catch enough, and I can guarantee they won’t hold a candle to your grilling pics lol


Im jealous. Love fishing. What type of bait you using?

Dont gut the fish as it makes it harder.
Filleting knife, youtube and take your time.

All the tips and tricks in the world won’t help, its repetition. With any fish, there are some general ways to go about it, but we all end up with our own little shortcuts and methods beyond the basics, and that only happens after you filet a bunch of them.

I wouldn’t over think it. Watch a few vids, get a general idea of how people do it, and then just get in there and do your best. If you fuck up, oh well, more fish out there to be caught, just do your best with it.


Said it cause i like looking at my meal in the eye as i eat

I fish more saltwater than fresh but I’ll hold the head by the eye sockets, cut down to the spine behind the gills, follow the spine to just shy of the tail then flip the fillet over, cut off the skin and check for any little bones that might have gotten cut into the fillet. Then flip and repeat.


Just been using little rooster tail spinners, they seem to like

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You just have to get in there and get some practice. Perch is delicious, fillet it, bread it, and fry it! They make great sandwiches!

Welp got my first victim, was hoping for more


Use an electric filet knife like our ancestors did

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That’s gonna be an acquired skill for sure…… knife didn’t seem sharp but I’m sure it’s how I was using it not the knife. I’d lose a lot of weight if I relied on myself to get my own food lol.


Lansky 4-Rod Turn Box LCD5D https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000B8FW0E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_DGVNX26DYE7FN8ZKKZ9N

I like these for sharpening. Inexpensive. Easy to learn.

Just takes practice man and before long you’ll be fast and getting the most meat possible.

Oh nice I gotta get one I’ve only got my knock off that’s built into my knife rack in kitchen