1st UFC w/ fighters name in Title?

Is the name of the event...

UFC 47: Ortiz vs. Liddell, It's On

or just:

It's on



I think it's just "IT'S ON!"

Already forget Super Natural?

Super Natural is not the name of any fighter duh..



IMO super referred to the superbowl....

being that it was the night before

No, if that were true they would have called it
Natural Phenomenon . . . ; )


Obviously it was Super for the superbowl weekend and Natural for Randy Couture.

Peter P

The names of fighters in the event's name is a good idea...

When the numbers get high it will start to sound dumb...

It should stop at 50!


Arias, as usual, you are correct. I have said the same thong about Extreme Challenge and my Rage in the Cage.

Did you get the stuff I sent yet?

Pay attention, sucka!

UFC: 50-Tyson vs. Rickson....Zuffa?

lol...Nathan ...

Nah bro....u slackin!

nope, I sent that sheeeyyooot.

The name of the event is:

UFC 47: Ortiz vs. Liddell, It's On!


im right!