1st UVM BJJ Open Tournament

Save the date - Oct. 23. We will be having a BJJ tournament up here at the University of Vermont. Affordable - 35$US to compete with guaranteed two fights in your division (unless there is are only two people). We are running the tournament judo style with a repechage division. We are hoping to see some many competitors from Vermont, NH, Canada, Maine and Mass. More information to come...

Click on www.uvmbjj.com for more info



how far is vermont from massena??

can you explain what is a judo style tournament with a repechage division is?

Native, it is a little less than 3 hours. Hope to see you. After a person loses, they join the repechage division for a chance to fight for third making the tournament double elimination.

that sounds good, i live like 5mins from the roosevelton town border and maybe there will be 3 of us going to represent Ronin MMA. Maybe others will come too.


I will be at the GAMMA No-Gi tournament this weekend. I hope to see you there.

Tournament weights and rules on Atama forum or at www.uvmbjj.com

Hope to see my Canadian friends in Vermont!





Mark, hope you and your guys can make it down.

I look forward to meeting you.

Will there be absolute divisions, and divisions by belt rank?

All of the weights posted are divided into white, blue, and purple+.

In the interest of time with the double elimination, no absolute.

TTT So far we have guys coming from Needham BJJ, GAMMABTT Montreal, Tim Burril BJJ, Boston BJJ, NYMAG, and many more...

lots of people from MTL will be in AC cheering on our Man Georges St-Pierre...I'll be in Ohio cornering my boy James Gabert in KOTC.

Yeah I heard about that, I was hoping some of you guys might swing by on the way up