1st varsity win

im a senior and this is my 1st year on varsity.ive wrestled for a few years but always got beat by the seniors for the spot.so after years of working with the older stronger guys im now better and finally got the 160 spot.i lost my 1st match of the year by pin and it was a fluke.i screwed up my throw and he went right on top that was it.this time i got the kid in 21 seconds.i took him down and used a crossface cradle.i hope that this wont be my last win.

My brother, you have "tasted blood" as my assist. coach once said to me.

I went 0-7 before winning my first varsity match (mental obstacle - I wrestled like crap in "big" matches).

After that first win, I went on a streak of like 9-1. Don't be impressed with your opponent just because he's on varsity. Folks who wrestle at the high school level are often extremely mental (due to lack of experience, anxiety, etc.). If you can be confident and just wrestle the way you do in practice, you can beat many people who are better than you technically.

Focus only on yourself and your game, not the outcome or the crowd and you will win many more.

Good Luck. I'll bet you're hooked for life on wrestling!!

good job now build on that, this is only the beginning

Congratulations......Have a good time on the victory trail.

The journey is awesome!!!