1st year contracts

Howdy law folks,

I posted here way back when I was just thinking of applying to law school, after I applied, when I was accepted, and now nearing the end of my first semester, I come again for more advice!

So far, law school is going pretty damn well. I feel like I am learning a ton, meeting a lot of new people, enjoying the subject matter, and really getting into the legal profession...

On top of this, it hasnt felt very tough to me yet. No problems with the dreaded "getting called on" beast, nothing seeming over my head, and the other students dont seem smarter than me; I feel like I belong there. All in all, its very manageable.

I have even been able to continue my MMA training. I just had my first MMA match this past Saturday, winning about 2 minutes into round 1 via triangle choke =)

So, all in all, things seem to be going very well.

Everything except.... CONTRACTS!

Many people in my class are having the same problems with respect to this course that I am, so I hope it is an issue with the professor or the subject matter, not one of repeated blows to my head.

Without going into detail as to why I feel I havent picked up everything I should have by now in the course (finals start in roughly 3 more weeks of class), I feel that I need to go ahead and teach myself contract law. The cases seem to be chaotically decided one way or another, based on very similiar facts. There seems to be massive amounts of varied doctrines contributing to the decisions, but which one/ones and how they are applied to the facts in each case seems unique/arbitrary. I feel that I could fairly adjudicate a contract dispute, but I am not sure that I could accurately predict what any given judge would come up with.

I am interested in any recommendations you may have for a good book or two to read to suppliment my contracts course here before finals. I have thought of just reading through the restatement to get a good general idea of how things go together, but Im sure there is a more practical way to do this. It is a real basic entry level first year contracts course. Just going over the basics of offer, acceptance, consideration, etc. We havent needed anything but UCC chaps 1,2. So no complex buying or selling or anything, just the basics!

Thanks for any recommendations/advice you guys may have for me =)

the barbri contracts outline might help. do you have any friends who've recently sat for the bar?

Alright, I will check out both of your recommendations. Baby steps sound good to me, I just want some type of skeleton to flesh out with the cases we read. We didnt start out with a decent overview in there like we did with each other class.

Thanks a lot...

Chirelstein is not a man, hes a machine. He delivered the Bar/Bri Contracts lecture without using any notes. He had the entire 60 pg. outline committed to memory and went though it line by line.

Just a quick follow up to the contracts problem...

I just got home from my contracts final, and it went great. I finished first in the class, and didn't have trouble with any question.

To prep for it I purchased the Chirelstein book and the Law in a Flash cards mentioned above. I read through the book carefully and went through the cards religiously and it has paid off! Thanks for the good advice...