2 Everyone @ IMMAE

 I just want to say thanks to everyone that came up to me at IMMAE. I was so nervous to go make this appearance for KOTC at IMMAE... (This was the first appearance at an MMA event since I tried to commit suicide) I was freaked out to say the least driving up with my wife who was doing her best to keep me level so to speak.

As soon as I walked in I was blown away with all the fans and fighters that came up to share their stories and support for me. I can't begin to tell you how much that made my heart smile. I still have a ways to fully recover but I'm making progress everyday and now on the right path.

Special thanks to the People below at that I met with @ IMMAE:

Don Weatheral (IMMAE Owner)

Everyone at KOTC

Chad Borowski (Toe2Toe Owner)

Dan Caldwell aka Punkass

Mark Krinner (TapouT Pres.)

Jake Shields

Everyone at TapouT Radio


Stay strong man!

Good to Hear Brother..

When you at the gym tomorrow?

T-Bone- I will be starting my training at 10:30 am getting ready for October 1st, Then teaching 12 class till 2pm and back to the gym at 7pm to teach the Jiu Jitsu : ) 


ok I have to head up that way to pick up my wife's car off alicia, if I get some time, I may stop by for my hug!

Glad to hear that all is well and best of luck in your training

 Sounds great TBone.. Looking forward to seeing you buddy.

Thanks Kirik, I heart you : )


i had a great time

The MMA Community can be great, can't it? Sounds like you are doing better. Keep it up brother. Hopefully we'll see you at our October 18th show.

 I will be in attendance Mr. Heddy!

Bro, your heart has changed a lot. People can see it.. I see it. Wish ya the best! Now you actually deserve it and karma assures you'll get it.

Now I gotta get back to rippin on people!!!


I am glad to hear you are doing better. Getting back to training is a great move for you!

Hope you continue to do well.

 It was a pleasure meeting you man.

Seriously!!!     You are loved bro!!!

 BillyRayChubbs- You are one of the people that touched me that day. Thank you for being a friend... I would gladly be their for you if you ever needed anything. 

I miss you Buddy. Glad to hear your good!

 Thanks Cub, I miss you too... Slowly but surely getting my ass back on track  : )

 <3 you pal :)

Yay Joker!

<3 you