2 fights in an hour and a half

Fucking bullshit. I'm really only interested in the main even and at this rate it won't be on until 1 am or so. Phone Post 3.0

Now a commercial before the round ended Phone Post 3.0

This is why PPV will never die. Some events are just meant for PPV. Imagine if we had to sit through this shit for a card like UFC 168. Phone Post 3.0

Its a 3 hour card with only 5 scheduled fights and the main event which is normally 5 rounds is only 3 because it was bumped to the main event at the last minute.

Which means 3 hours and 5 fights and they dont want the card to end 45 minutes early because it will screw with ratings when cards end early and you lose viewers which brings down your overall average.

So this is what you get, the pacing has to be different so the card doesnt end early.

They have 2 fights left and an hour and 10 minutes. 

It's ok, we're about to get another 30 min break. ;-)

My god this time between fights. Phone Post 3.0

You're not kidding-and why did we just watch 4 fighters who lost on the UF get televised fights? I thought that was the reward for those who won their fights.

this is fucking ridiculous between the comercials / breaks / ufc 168 previews and Florians voice im about to choke  myself out  ... its that bad 




This is all since the last fight ended



Holy fuck are we having Stevie Wonder get everyone ready and he keeps getting lost in a hallway or something? No reason to have it like this

UFC is always bad for this.

I remember last year Japan's NYE show had 4 fights in an hour, and one of those went the distance.

3 fights in over 2 hours now. That's pathetic.

All I want is to see Diaz whoop gray's ass. Cmooonnnn Phone Post 3.0

RobMachine - Glad I didn't invite anyone over to watch, shit would be awkward right now.
Haha this! Imagine if they weren't already fans and you were trying to get them interested. Phone Post 3.0

This is insane! Phone Post 3.0

Now i got the fucking annoying cunt that is Jon Gruden. If i had to hear his annoying ass use football analogies for every single thing he talked about i'm sure i'd hit him with a plate across the head

No more GSP commercial!!!!!!! Lol Phone Post 3.0

At the Mandalay Bay. Easily the slowest ufc event I've ever attended.