2 Fully Vaccinated Sheriffs Dept Employees Die From COVID!

It doesn’t say they were vaccinated, but if you read through the lines they were. It doesn’t mention them being unvaccinated which is the first tell, and then mentions breakthough cases in the last paragraph!


Noah Feit

Mon, August 30, 2021, 11:27 AM

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is mourning the death of two employees.

Both Gwen Morris, 50, and Blaine Newman, 60, died of COVID-19, according to the sheriff’s department.

Morris’ death was reported on Aug. 27, and Newman died the following day, the sheriff’s department said.

“Everyone in the department is grieving after the loss of two co-workers to COVID in two days,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said in a statement. “We’re thankful for the condolences, prayers and support we continue to receive from the community as we mourn our colleagues.”

Gwen Morris, who worked in the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department’s finance division, died of COVID-19.

Morris worked in the finance department for the sheriff. The Lexington High School graduate had worked for the sheriff’s department since 2016, after previously working for Lexington School District One, according to her obituary.

Morris will be buried on Tuesday at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church following a 2 p.m. funeral service at the church.

“Please join us in praying for her family, and those who worked with Gwen, during this difficult time,” the sheriff’s department said.

Lexington County Reserve Deputy Blaine Newman died of COVID-19, according to the sheriff’s department.

Newman had worked for the sheriff’s department since 2010, most recently as a reserve deputy where he volunteered many hours to serve his community.

“We will care for his family as they face tough days ahead,” the sheriff’s department said.

Newman’s funeral arrangements were not available.

The U.S. is experiencing another wave of COVID-19 cases because of the highly contagious delta variant.

South Carolina has reported more than 730,000 (confirmed and probable) cases of the coronavirus and 10,562 deaths since the start of the pandemic. With 47% of the state’s population fully vaccinated, health officials are urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine to help limit the spread of the virus and to protect themselves.

Lexington Medical Center reported 12 COVID deaths from Aug. 27-29.

As of Aug. 27, there have been 503 breakthrough cases that led to hospitalizations in South Carolina, and 0.0058% of fully vaccinated people died of COVID-19, according to DHEC.

Need to see their vaccination status before I cheer or feel bad.


With that said, RIP.


Cami, I enjoy your posts and the enthusiasm you bring with you, however this nonsense where people on one side of the covid vaccine issue seem to take joy when someone on the other side of the covid vaccine issue dies, needs to stop



Other vaccines were pulled because they resulted in 25 and 53 deaths.

This particular vaccine is currently at 55,821 hospitalizations and 13,627 deaths according to VAERS.

And that’s just what’s been reported.

These is no amount of injury or death that will stop the pharmaceutical industry(i.e. CDC, FDA) from recommending everyone get this vaccine.

And why should they? Nobody is accountable.

It was there weight that killed them not covid…it’s not even deadly without a vaccine. Did I do it right?

In all honesty very sad. Rip

Don’t see how someone dying is cause to celebrate.


Think you’re in the wrong thread. The celebrations are in sharps anti vax death thread

Pretty gross seeing OP celebrate the deaths of those who have served their communities

Are all you idiots gonna keep posting deaths of vaxxed and unvaxxed people to prove your individual points? You fucking idiots aren’t gonna change anyone’s mind and both sides look like huge assholes posting non stop about people dying. Get a fucking life.

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Both of these people are tubby but not morbidly obese. Were they diabetic I guess is the question

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Please highlight where I celebrate…

Rest peacefully

I am certainly not celebrating their deaths, but this will be my last post on people dying of COVID, unless I die from it and then I will have my wife post it. When a couple of posters I respect call all me out on it, I know its time to stop

You know why you post your shit, so do all of us, you do so in a way to have this “out”
“Who me, I’m just posting news”
So lame bro, great use of your precious time.
Same as the other side when they do it. No commentary, but everyone knows what they are doing. So lame.

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Dude, I do exactly what I want to do, all day, everyday. Its one the benefits of having a likely terminal disease. You pretty much give zero fucks to what people think or say, but I’m not above listening to respected posters…now go fuck yourself:)

I appreciate the balance Cami. It’s just data and news. I don’t take it as you celebrating as much as providing balance to our collective perspective.

Btw, I hear their last words were “at least I was vaccinated “. Am I doing this right?

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just as I foretold

Would you have posted this IF they were NOT vaccinated? Think about that

I hear ya, and truthfully nobody should really “care” what some other idiot has to say on the internet (I’ll be the other idiot, in this case). I dunno. If it makes you happy, rock on I guess. Just miss the old OG.