2 Fully Vaccinated Sheriffs Dept Employees Die From COVID!

Thanks brother, thats exactly how I see it, certainly not celebrating.

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Wow you really clobbered the premise there. You won the entire debate.

It’s sad what is happening for sure

Not even a debate. It’s the perceived celebration of vaccinated on one side and the unvaccinated on another.

These threads are for the pathetics my man.

I agree

That woman is morbidly obese. There is no way her BMI is under 40.

Where did you get all this confidence today? Was it from avoiding me earlier?

His balls finally dropped…

No, but a number of lefties would leave a cloud of dust racing to post it here.

Of course, the onus is always put on the right wingers to “be the bigger man” and not retaliate, which is then played as weakness because the other side WILL NOT LET UP, so the right wingers lose despite having been the decent ones

just like real politics!

Avoiding you. Lol. If you say so. Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm. See how I try to get out of it.

Yes I can see you confidently running away.

run running GIF


It goes both ways. Posting either is not cool. Same as saying if they weren’t fat then they would have lived.

Quick question, I dont see you posting in Sharp05 or other leftist thread about COVID death, telling them what they are doing is wrong. Maybe you would like to explain that?

Here are a few examples where you have nothing to say…

Don’t worry man, he totally just happened to not see any of them

Yeah, it’s an odd coincidence that the one thread he saw, and commented on, just so happened to be from the opposite perspective

but he toooootally was just about to say the same thing to the other guys doing it…if he had seen them…which he hasn’t. Clearly.

I don’t read every single thread but I have pointed this out before. And I also pointed out both sides in this thread even blaming being fat.

Damn. You got me!!! But feel free to read threads above by me