2 Great Boxing Documentaries

Found these on Youtube, hadn't seen either one of them, both are great...


Another Great one

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I know this isn't boxing, but it's a great documentary none the less

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AristidesBrito - I know this isn't boxing, but it's a great documentary none the less
Seen this one, not boxing but still dope as Phone Post 3.0

that last one "knuckle" is a good documentary.


However the 3 best boxing documentaries haven't even been mentioned yet, and I'm not even referring to "Tyson".


#3-Assault in the Ring. Very interesting story with not much inside info when it happened but is revisited years later with ground breaking findings. Very interesting that most people haven't heard about it.






#2 The Fight of their Lives

#1-The Dewey Bozilla story.


If you have not seen any 3 of these boxing documentaries, I will say you are welcome in advance b/c you will thank me later. GREAT documentaries, happens to be about boxing.


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billy collins jr one is the rawest documentary i have seen. you can feel the pain of all those invovled. its scary. 

Tyson was awesome.

Just watched "Klitschko" and it's really well done. It goes through the brothers' upbringing, career highs and lows, etc.

It's currently available on Netflix instant. I recommend it.

Yes, "Klitschko" is also a great documentary. That'd be number 4 or 5 my all time favorite boxing documentaries.

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