2 Guns

Girlfriend brought it home to watch, and I love Denzel Washington and Marky Mark, but after watching the trailer I just wasn't really into it. Started watching it trying really hard to hate it.

Ended up being really really fucking good. Had no idea what was going on half the movie but it was pretty funny, and there's some pretty brutal scenes as well.

Anyone else catch this gem ? Phone Post 3.0

Good action flick for a slow night.

Just watched it, thought it was good but confused the shit outta me Phone Post 3.0

Glad to hear that it was okay. I might check it out if it's on HBO or something, but the trailers really just made it look bad and turned me off to the whole thing

You guys for reals? Stupid as fuck plot. I can understand Mark W signing up for this shit but Denzel?!? If you've seen Shangai Knights, or Rush Hour you've seen 2 Guns. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome movie.... Everything you need in a movie (titties, action, jokes) Phone Post 3.0

This is exactly why I never take movie advice from the OG. I thought this movie fucking sucked and here you are praising it. Different strokes I guess. Phone Post 3.0

Eggbert - Was pretty decent Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0

Chick was the highlight, and I too was confused as fuck for half of it. Phone Post 3.0

In for paula pattons tits Phone Post 3.0

I had a similar experience with Denzel's movie Flight. Love Denzel but wasn't thrilled about the movie. My wife made me watch it last night and it turned out surprisingly good

Boring as fuck. Confusing plot. Turned it off half way through. Phone Post 3.0

I liked it as well. True story Phone Post 3.0

IMDB gives it a 6.8. Their ratings are fairly accurate so I'll give it a chance.

But based on the premise alone, I never would have bothered.

enjoyed it

It was mindless fun and worth watching.

CivFi - It was mindless fun and worth watching.
This Phone Post 3.0