2 horrible decisions!!!

garcia should not have gotten the nod on that one. he got his ass kicked after landing only one solid punch.

curran's guard work was offensive and more effective than mizugaki.

both robberies and I lost money!

 I thought the Curran fight should have been a draw.

His guard was more defensive, even though he almost pulled off that triangle at the end. Mizugaki was constantly trying to improve position though, which was why I think he got the nod.

I don't see how Garcia won that fight.

 LOL I lost bets on both those decisions as well.

Garcia/Massouh was definitely a bad decision.

Curran I'm not so sure on.  I think he won the fight in a Pride system but its damn tough with the 10 point must.  You have to give him a 10-8 for Round 3 (certainly possible) to get to a 28-28 draw.

If Massouh would have done ANYTHING in the 3rd round, he would have won. A takedown, a few attempts.

Sorry, he did NOT deserve to win.

RichDalton - If Massouh would have done ANYTHING in the 3rd round, he would have won. A takedown, a few attempts.

Sorry, he did NOT deserve to win.

 Then it should have been ruled a draw


LOL@failed submissions being effective....just lol...was Miz supposed to tap to the fail and were judges supposed to award the fight to the guy that was failing? Talk about bias.

What about Javi?? fuck those other guys Javi got robbbed worse then all of them...Apparently he won all 3 rounds yet somehow LC Davis won 30-27 on one of the card?? UNBELIEVABLE

Jameel was robbed by very poor officiating.

I half way agree, I think Garcia lost that fight.

Maybe a Draw for the Garcia fight would have been a good decison. It was just sad that Massouh didn't do more in that last round, he still seemed like he had some gas.

anyone else bet on bowles? it made losing money on curran not such a big deal (especially since i was happy mizu won).

both tough calls, Curran seemed to really deserve the nod

Both were close. I could have seen them go either way.

The general public needs to understand that in close tight decisions, it doesn't really matter what scoring system is in place or used. judges,fans,promoters and media alike will all disagree on who won a close fight. It's a matter of opinion.Judges are not nesscarily cheating or blind

Why Can't people just accept the fact that there are going to be some real close fights,which are going to be close regardless and controversial regardless of what system of judging is used?

^good points

 Was Cecil Peoples one of the judges???

Both fights were close, but I feel that Garcia and Mizugaki both lost. However, since the fights were so close - I don't really feel strongly about either.

That's life when a fight is close and it goes to the judges. Besides, a good argument can be made for both Garcia and Mizugaki winning.

a good argument along the lines of "they are pushing more well known guys ahead and the judging proves it"...

mizu maybe not that well known but his fight with torres was legendary, anyone who saw it was an instant fan.

Curran lost because he was on the bottom which sucks. Mizu couldn't do anything but counter. It was close enough that Mizu got the nod.

Personally, i like to see decisions go to the guy that comes closest to finishing and that was Jeff but if you fight within a 10 point must system, you have to dominate or finish.