2-hour Roddy Piper Bio starting on A&E right now

A great heel when a heel could get true heat. Red hot heat where people wanted to jump you after the show. Now it’s heat where people boo you cause you play guitar too long or something, then they want your autograph and picture after the show.

On A&E? I can’t find it?

Seen these two go from the 3rd row in 85. I was standing on my chair and they hit the barricade and sent my little ass flying.

It’s on a&e on demand if you have access.

Found it. Boooooom!

Thank you good sir.

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Watched last night. Brought back a lot of memories as a kid watching all that stuff as it happened. Seems crazy to think but at that time people still thought wrestling was real. Piper was THE heel. I busted out laughing at the la cucaracha bit.