2 items deleted from CR-report

So, I disputed two items on my CR-report online via transunion that were both from the same ER visit 5 years ago. Yeah! Both were deleted according to Transunion. Do, the other two companies automatically update the info change or do I have to notify them somehow? Man was that easy! Hopefully, they do not return. I read someones post reply on here where they said stuff can return somehow, I don't know if that's true or not.

Yes, each company is on their own. Also, whenever you close out an account or pay off a loan, etc., make sure to tell them you want that reported to the credit agency. They usually do this on their own, but not always!

Ask for a letter stating that the loan was paid off or closed to "whoever this may concern". Photocopy that and send a copy to the credit bureaus...