2 messiah theory in judaism

So I foudn this and I think its quite intresting, so I will post it in case anyone finds it worth considering.

Dual Messiah's

More than one Messiah, There shall be two
The Rabbi's have always recognized an apparent conflict between certain Messianic passages. For example:

R. Alexandri said: Rabbi Joshua opposed two verses:
It is written:
And behold, one like the son of man came with the clouds
of heaven. (Dan. 7:13)
Whilst it is written: [behold, your king comes to you...] lowly, and riding upon an ***! (Zech. 9:9)

(b.San. 98a)

The Rabbinic "two Messiah" theory was one of several answers that the Rabbis found for these contradictions.

Rabbi Dosa (who lived around 250 CE) was a chief advocate of the two Messiah theory. The Talmud records that he taught regarding Zech. 12:10:

What is the cause of the mourning [of Zech. 12:12]--... It is well according to him who explains that the cause is the slaying of Messiah the son of Joseph, since that well agrees with the Scriptural verse:

And they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, And they shall mourn for him as one mourns for his only son. (Zech. 12:10) (b. Sukkot 52a)

Yet another tell us that these two messiahs are in fact one:


Like Moses, Messiah will be revealed, then hidden, then revealed again. (Bamidbar Rabbah 11:2)

Moshiach ben Yosef:

Ephraim Messiah in Rabbinic literature is a Midrash in which the Messiah is being warned by G-d of what awaits him:

Their sins will be upon you like a yoke of iron. They will choke your spirit. Because of their sins, Your tongue will cleave to the roof of your mouth.
Do you accept this? If not, I will remove the decree from you. The Messiah replies: "Master of the worlds, how long will this last?
G-d replies: "Ephraim, my true Messiah, ever since the six days of creation you have taken this ordeal upon yourself. At this moment, your pain is my pain"
Messiah replies: "Master of the worlds, I accept this with gladness in my soul, and joy in my heart, so that not a single one of the House of Israel should perish. Not only for those alive, but also the dead. It is enough that the servant be like the Master.

(Midresh Pesqita Rabbah 36)

You can see clearly that somewhat "normative" jewish theology has followed a pattern of two messiahs, a suffering servant and a reigning king. Later it was adapted that the two would actually be one single messiah come twice.

Yep, I've seen that before. Pretty interesting.

don't say that word on this holy ground

the rev

It is one theory among many. Some sects among the Lubavitchers follow it today, also some among the Breslov-Chasidics. It is not a popular theory but does hold some sway. In no way does it prove Jesus.

Moshiach ben Yosef will be a military leader who will unite the Israelites in the End of Days and lead them back to the holy land and help them through the great war. During the final battle, he will be struck down and evil will sit in Israel for a single generation. Then...

Moshiach ben David will reveal himself and be the spiritual leader who will destroy evil totally.

I am not a subscriber to this theory. Further, if Jesus was supposed to have been ben Yosef, he would have been leading the Jewish uprisings against Rome and by the time Bar Kochba came around, (he led the rebellion in 132) ben David would have revealed himself.