#2:Murilo Ninja vs Kalashnikov(sp?

Second fight:Murilo Ninja vs Kalashnikov(sp??)

The russian fighter is already on the ring.Here coems Murilo Ninja.Both fighters on the ring. It'll start.

BRO HYMN is the shit.

Ninja got ko'd

Man, what a hell of fight. Both fighters trading a lot of strike son their feets but the russian guy being the agressor and knocking Ninja out after putting against the ropes witha great hand combo.

wow these fights are going quick

Man, Ninja got a beatdown. there is't nothin more to say.

luckypunch:i di't see any weight difference on this fight. Bioth fight were weighting something near 100Kg.

By the way, it was a very good fight.

I am a ninja fan but was picking sergei, but there is no excuses for ninja, he got beat by a better fighter.

Ak looks like johnny quest!


damn! rooting for ninja.

damn! rooting for ninja.

The end

Damn. this AK guy is good. Wouldn't be surprised if he gave the big 3 a lot of trouble.

Sergei could make 205 so please dont make excuses for ninja.

Ninja was not that much smaller.

Sergei is a real threat, so much that I think the best heavyweight in the world fedor, would have problems with him, and does not want to fight him.

Beside the big 3 I would pick kharitonov to win the gp.

lol Kharitonov and Fedor are friends, and ex sparring partners. I know they would, more than likely, not like to fight each other .. but Russians are pretty hardcore, and would probably be willing to face each other in the sport aspect of it. Heck, I am not so sure that Fedor would refuse to face his brother, Alex, in the sporting aspect of it all (they have fought in Combat Sambo tournys before, if I recall correctly).

Luckeypunch you have not seen enough of kharitonov his wrestling is great.

They are freinds but dse set up kharitonov vs fedor in the first, fedor did not really seem to want to fight him since he said they were freinds and understand each other so well.

Never the less he is a huge threat to anyone. Including fedor.