2 New J.Gurgel Brown Belts in WV!

I wanted to send a BIG Congratulations to Ashley "Ghost" Lockwood & Tim Dunlap on receiving their Brown Belts from Jorge Gurgel today! I think most people that have had the chance to train with or learn from these guys would agree that it is well deserved…some may even say it is long over due!

Ashley & Tim have bee training BJJ for well over 10 years, and were two of the first guys to bring the “gentle art” to the state of West Virginia. During that time, they have been directly responsible for laying the foundation for many of the high ranking grapplers & fighters from Team Jorge Gurgel.

The school they run, Ground Zero Fighting Systems, in Huntington, is the most decorated & experienced Jorge Gurgel Affiliate School…not to mention the state of West Virginia! These two guys have been the catalysis for many of the top guys on our team. In fact, 4 of the 7 Brown Belts from Team Jorge Gurgel started their training at Ground Zero Fighting Systems,as well as current UFC fighter Dustin "McLuvin" Hazelette.

I can honestly say that I would have never had the opportunities I have had in BJJ,  had it not been for the fundamentals that these guys provided me for the 5 years I lived in Huntington. 

These are two of the best guys I have ever met, and I am very privileged to not only call them team mates, but great friends!


Dustin Ware


Congrats to both of you. Two very good grapplers who earned their way.

Years of hard work and dedication to the art and to the students.


You did fairly well your self today.

Seeyou in the gym on Tuesday?  I may try to make it in next Wed...but I am not sure yet.


D. Ware

congrats ttt

Congratulations to Ashley & Tim !!!!
VERY well deserved.

Wow! great job guys! I would definitely say that Ground Zero is where I really learned how to grapple. Tim worked with me quite a bit on his own time and Dustin Hazelette really put in the extra hours to refine my game. Thank you to everyone at Ground Zero! They are top notch.




Congrats from all your JG family in Canada.

Hell yeah WV... steers and queers!!!!