I'm pleased and honored to announce the addition of 2 new fighters to the MKimonos/Lutador Americano Pro-Team:

Wilson Reis is a newly promoted black belt, under Roberto Godoi. He's won last year's Mundial at brown belt along with a ton of other medals. He's now here in US and we'll be seing him a lot, competing, winning and wearing his MKimonos and Lutador Americano gear. He's a very nice, sweet guy, great instructor and a wonderful competitor. It's an honor to have him join my Team.

Ricky Migliarese is a newly promoted black belt under Relson Gracie. He won a gold medal at last year's Pan Ams at brown belt and also has won many other gi and no gi competitions. I've known Rickie for 6 or 7 years and I was impressed with his jiu-jitsu since we first met. He was a blue belt that time and won 2nd place in the Mundials in Brazil. Ricardo is a great fighter and instructor in jiu-jitsu and vale-tudo and I'm also very proud to have him join us.

If you want find out more about these athletes, visit my website at www.MKimonos.com .

I hope that you all are doing great in the beginning of this year; take care!



ttt for new FIGHTERS!!!


Awsome, congrats fellas! You couldn't be under a better company.