2 New Pride Fighters Ideal for UFC

Pick two Pride up and comers that would add some excitement to the UFC. Here's mine:

  1. Ryo Chonan

  2. Sergei Kharitonov

Sergei would be a great adition to the UFC heavyweight roster.

This thread gets my approval.

sergei is among the best heavies in the world and is extremely exciting IMO

and should stay in Pride

Yeah, of course they make more money and get treated like celebrities by the fans in Pride, but they could conceivably cross over for one fight since most Pride fighters don't fight two venues in a row.

I think Chonan would do reasonably well at either 185 or 170 in the UFC. Sergei on the other hand would be an immediate contender as a UFC heavyweight in my opinion. Since Pride virtually never uses him, no reason he couldn't fight in UFC. Its perplexing why he doesn't fight more with only one very close decision loss to Mino...