2 NOC jobs at Ford. anyone?

2 openings. CCNA experience is best.


Cool. How much is it paying?

Damn it...

between 40-50. in dearborn mich.

fin. looks like you have a lot of tech opportunity off base.


Oh shaddup finney...I asked you if you were interested when I was there, and you didn't want to move...I'm sure these jobs are probably in Dearborn or Allen Park...

Stehpen, did you ever try to get in touch with any of those contacts I gave you?

it's been a long time and i've met many people. one thing that i love about my job is that i have no time to socialize. i no longer have the list.

can you believe that i've never accessed the OG from work. it's a pledge to myself. once and if i do, it'll mean that i respect it as much as the other jobs i had.


stephen I think I might be intrested, I will give you a call tommorrow.

they're interviewing next week.


stephen, if you are online instant message me "jimmy0the0hat"

Hey, if something happens and I get discharged, I'll finish up my bachelors in a heartbeat..I'm almost there as it is...so I'll be ready for whatever jobs you guys can try to dishout


You were the first person I thought of. I was going to call you then I noticed you responded on this thread.

How are things? Married yet?

The Pacifist,
Things are going good, I am actualy engaged to lindsay, and we are looking at buying a house soon, I would have to move to take this job, but moving to dearborn would be cool.


PS. I have a hell of a time rembering what screen name goes with what person, who are you when you are not on the og?


It's Ken from CANADA!!!

Hey Ken, hows life treating you?

"I would have to move to take this job, but moving to dearborn would be cool."

uuuhhhh...are we talking about the same Dearborn?

thats cheap for a CCNA

sounds good, if only it was in SF bay area