2 of Thailand's best clinch fighters 5/8/14

137# Petchboonchu (RED) vs Yodvicha Por. Boonsit (BLUE)at Rajadamnern StadiumAs in most Thai fights, action really picks up in Round 3.

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Entertaining fight for sure. Phone Post 3.0

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Great fight. The end was funny. Love Muay Thai Phone Post 3.0


Calavaro - Entertaining fight for sure. Phone Post 3.0


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I think the short one could have won if he had spent more effort on throwing instead of clinching, he had the leverage a lot.

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thesleeper - I think the short one could have won if he had spent more effort on throwing instead of clinching, he had the leverage a lot.

sleeper, I agree that Petchboonchu had opportunities to sweep, but he was also landing the cleaner, harder knees. Considering the amazing pace these two were on, I think it's a matter of risk/reward. If he tries to sweep another obviously skilled clinch fighter, he might fail and Yodvicha might get a few extra knees scores from it, stealing the round.

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So I guess it's normal to take the end of the last round off? Thais really love knees, even the less effective slappy ones, and don't seem to pay much attention to hard punches. I know these are common observations, but a lot of this is still pretty new to me.

Looked grueling and painful. Even a few decent knees have made my week uncomfortable. Can't imagine. Phone Post 3.0

No actually that is a rare thing. If a fighter is dominating the fight and he's trying to get the crowd pumped up might do a little dance, be flashy etc. making the fighter who's losing come to him to force the action, but in this case, both fighters were being a little flashy and as the fight was so equal sort of made for a funny, and kinda appropriate end to such a hard fought fight.

The scoring of punches vs knees etc can be a little tricky. It's incorrect to say "x strike scores higher than z". The most significant scoring criteria is effect.  ex blue corner lands some wicked body kicks and you red corner eats them and continue to press forward. finally red lands a hard straight punch and it staggers blue backwards, nearly knocking him down, but he remains on his feet and  enter a clinch.  Normally those kicks would almost certainly score higher than the gloved punch, but since red's punch caused him to stumble, red would definately score higher in that exchange.

FWIW, our friend Stephen Strotmeyer wrote an excellent article on the way muay thai is scored (and should be judged)if you're interested.


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