2 of The HCG's best need fights

Two of the best fighters from The HardCore Gym need fights. Brian Bowles (4-1 amateur, 1-0 Pro, 135-140) and Stephen Ledbetter (5-0 amateur, 2-0 Pro, 145-155) are looking for fights. They are two rising stars in the MMA scene here in Georgia and considered to be tops in their respective weight classes.

I am putting out some feelers for these two. Any promoters in need of some light weight fighters please contact me about getting these two exciting fighters on your card. They were both standout highschool wrestlers and have added some good jits to their games. They are always prepared, in good shape and put on a good show.

Please direct any interest to me, Rory Singer, at rory@thehardcoregym.net. Thank you for your time.



maybe it would help if they had a myspace page? I think I know just the guy to put it together for them!


great fighters



Stephan and Brian are both awsome fighters. They are exciting with skills for sure. Promotors and fans alike will gt their monies worth. Their opponents will get a challange if they are looking for one, and likely a loss as well.




Brian 145lbs

Stephen 155lbs

Both can fight at lower weights possibly

I used to give those two guys wedgies and noogies in school.


Speaking as a promoter. These two guys are awesome, and will go far in the professional ranks. Both are very talented and extremely exciting.

Lane Collyer

Brian and Stephan are both great fighters and they always put on a show. I love watching them fight along with the rest of the HCG fighters.


you have mail.

Stephen is way better looking in person.

Cliff I have to agree that is not a great picture of Stephen. You should see him naked :)


J.C.PENNINGTON , Rich Clementi's team voodoo will take on almost any challengers in the 145-155 class

I think Pennington has a little bit more experience then two fighters with three pro fights between them. Thank you though. Maybe in the future.

i give my stamp o approval for brian and steven....two studs