2 of TUF10' Marcus Jones' fights (video)

Danny Perez vs Marcus Jones
WFC 6: Battle in the Bay
March 22, 2008

 Vs Eduardo Boza

Revolution Fight Club 10: Bad Blood

November 10, 2007



thanks for the vids, Mr.

 lotta fundamentals he needs to work on.

Dude needs a LOT of work
put him a boxing or kickboxing class not just now but right now

 hopefully he has been working his stand-up since those fights because if not...

I say Kimbo takes him.

 Marcus improves at the speed of light, he had very little training during those fights and will show much more now.  He trains with a great camp and they aren't looking to throw him at Lesnar, but do realize that he is one of the few heavyweights that can match Lesnar's size and athletic ability.

Fights 2 and 3 of a 5 fight Pro career. He has a lot of work to do, but he's out of a great camp, Gracie Tampa. He's a long shot to win, but I will bet that he gets picked up by the UFC for a fight or two.

 Im sure he will at least fight in the ufc.


Looks like they pulled all those guys right off the bar stool

How are these guys making it into TUF???

There HAS to be better talent out there!

I think Dana wanted some pro athletes in there to prove to the world MMA is full of good athletes. The NFL guys will be losing rather quickly in TUF I imagine.

for later