2 officers shot in Pomona, 1 killed.

I woke up to this news. I just went to a training last week with a Pomona PD guy. I've heard the officer killed was a trainee on his last day of training. He was struck in the head. The 2nd officer is supposed to be in stable condition.

Vehicle pursuit turned foot bail into an apartment. The suspect shot through the door and hit the officers. He's been barricaded for hours.

My thoughts are with that officer's family and PPD. 

Video /audio of the initial shooting. 


May the perp be found with many bullet holes.  RIP officer

Pomona is a fucking shithole.

RIP officer.

Thx THN. There's supposedly a video of officers doing CPR on the kid but I have no desire to search that out. 

Kip Kinkle -

Pomona is a fucking shithole.

RIP officer.

This, and Pomona PD is woefully underfunded and understaffed to deal with it. Shit from there bleeds over regularly into neighboring cities because the local PD is swamped. 

RIP officer, your watch is done. 

"Bassboats Budlight - Well that sucks.

RIP officer

I really hope it wasnt over drugs."

Reckless driver turned pursuit. They chased him into an apartment where he barricaded in a bedroom and shot through the door. No mention of drugs, which are essentially decriminalized here in CA and the criminals know that. They rarely run because they have dope. They run because our shithead governor, our shithead former AG (Kamala Harris), and all the shithead liberals in state government have decriminalized crime. <br /><br />I'll go out on a limb and predict this piece of shit suspect is a prison realignment beneficiary.

Damn, my neighbor is a cop there.

And yes, its a shit hole of a city


Officer Greggory Casillas - EOW 3/9/18 at 30 years old. Edited for corrected info.

Damn. Just a kid. RIP brother.

I’ve worked a few gang task forces in Pomona.  Bummed to see this.


Fuck it. Bring in heavy armament and shoot right back thru the doot. 

Pomona? That’s where Cappy Roberts retired!

Code 4, one in custody.


Convicted felon, extensive criminal history. Still no details and crime types and his current probation / parole status. 

fucking horrible.