2 Questions

  1. How long before WWE gets rid of the divas?

    I'm all for letting the skanks run around in barely nothing, but seriously last night they had an all the divas in a tag match that had 0 tags and like 3 moves.

    2. Why did Hebner leave WWE?

    I stopped watching for a 4 year stretch and saw him on impact the other night and was wondering if it was a big deal when he left or he just got tired of working for them. Phone Post

 From wiki:

Hebner was released from WWE on July 18, 2005, allegedly for selling WWE merchandise without permission. Hebner's brother Dave was also released on July 19 in connection with these events. These activities would have been conducted from a store that Earl Hebner had partial ownership in the St. Louis based Pro Shirt Shop. To avoid negative publicity, the controlling owner of the Pro Shirt Shop, Nick Ridenour bought out Hebner's share in the company and released a press statement which claimed that the company only received merchandise from "licensed distributors.[6]

  1. Never

    2. He was selling WWE gear out of the trunk of his car and got busted.

Didn't think Hebner was a that big of a slime ball, but thanks for the input. Phone Post

DSaint -  Slime ball? For selling merc out the trunk of his car? Word?

Word. He took the goods from the company and sold it for himself and not the company. It may have been a harsh statement, but it's morally and ethically a bad decision. Then again, it's pro wrestling. Phone Post