2 rule changes suggestions

I was thinking of two rule changes that could add exciting and definitive endings to a fight.

The first the option of a fighter when knocking an opponent down with a strike to let the ref count to ten like boxing, or two engage.

The second when a fighter catches an opponent with a submission the fighter should not be saved by the bell Phone Post

1st one sucks cause some fights would actually be less action cause the ref would count so many times or the fight would be stopped early ... Sometimes a guy gets rocked and shoots for a single and recovers ... Phone Post

so just keep the fight going till he gets out or taps?

and how would it be mma if after the guy gets knocked down he just stands there and waits for him to get back up?

it'd be kickboxing. Phone Post

2nd one same case could be made for punches but I like the bell ... Only thing I would say is 1st 10 minute round 2nd 5 minute round ... Phone Post

The fighter could engage 3 knockdown rule, I think it would add drama.

I hate saved by the bell in subs, should be allowed to continue imo. Phone Post

To the first suggestion: You mean turn it into kickboxing?

To the second suggestion: If the dude doesn't get the sub, then what happens? They just went who knows how long after the 5 minute limit for nothing. Phone Post

 As for suggestion 1, it's been done back in the old days.  I believe either Shooto or JVT did something like that.

Suggestion 2 isn't bad, but transitions to submissions happen so fast that I could easily see a triangle turning into an armbar and back and forth extending the round artifically for a long time.

I'm not sure, but is despise the right word here? Yeah, I'm sure now, I like these ideas so little that I think I may despise them. Phone Post

Punishment for stalling would be a good one

I actually like the second one. No transitions.

The 10 minute first round and yellow cards are the musts I'd say. But it won't happen since it's a Pride invention.

Up kicks from guard, and knees to a downed opponent. Phone Post

No elbows to grounded opponents....gives the fighter on his back more space to sweep,go for subs and get back to his feet instead of just hanging on for dear life. Phone Post

I think an eight count in submissions would be interesting. Give eight seconds to finish, if not restart the fighters standing. It'll keep the action moving

1 was a rule in Shooto

The only thing good about it is that it would prevent ref's from early stoppages. Other than that...

And they could fight on a gigantic Jump to Conclusions mat. Phone Post

2 is terrible, how does a ref define the start of a sub attempt and then end of it?

op is stooooopid Phone Post

Do you guys think judges would screw up more or less if they just judged 1 ten minute round and 1 five minute round and judged the fight as a whole?

If they have a hard time picking winners in a best of 3 or 5 rounds, I could maybe see judges scores varying more judging a full 15 minute fight or maybe it's just the unified rules that are making it tough for judges to score correctly. Phone Post

id stop watching mma if the first one was made a rule.

How about this

- allow fighters to knee the head of a grounded opponent if they are purposely putting one hand or knee on the ground to prevent taking damage

- ban those knee jabs anderson and jones do, could easily hyperextend a knee and cause serious injury.


2nd one is legit tho