2 tickets for sale for WEC Hendo/Pettis

I would do stub hub but they want to rape you in price and rape me to sell, so im trying here first.

2 tickets
Section 112
Row W
Seat 6 and 7

Face value $35 a piece.

Im asking for $50 and I will meet you in the middle. I live in Goodyear. Shit came up and cant go. What say you UG?

Would love to go Live in Kingman AZ and it's my Birthday!

Are you asking $50 for both?


Accept friend request so we can talk in message.

PM Sent

Thanks for the reply mike. Sorry UG, figured my shit out and now I will be going after all.

Hope to see some of you guys there.

It's all good Anthony maybe someone else can hook a brother up?