2 Tickets to UFC 91 - for sale

I have two tickets to UFC 91 for sale - face value $150 each.Not too bad a price since Stub Hub has them for much more.

 lol...what... the card no likey?

Everyone always asks but don't believe me - I planned on going and want to go, but no sitter for youngest kid.

Throw in airline tickets and I'm there!

you can't find a sitter in 2 weeks?

Do you have a number that i can reach you at. Also what section are they in. Thankyou

Kindly email me: danielle.sellers@sbcglobal.net

Section U219 Row L Seats 4&5

I had a sitter and now that person is not reliable - to make a long story short. I live over 900 miles away from my family - so not too many options.

BigJohn71 - you can't find a sitter in 2 weeks?