2 videos from NAGA this weekend.

Here are two videos of me from NAGA from this past weekend. I won gold in my division. i had a total of 4 matches, here are 2 of them, no one got the other 2 on video. These are matches 2 and 3.

Match 2

Match 3

Can a Blue Name embed?

looks like blue belt time

 vid 1

vid 2

Some very nice transitions in that 2nd match, especially for a white belt.

thank you for embedding, and thanks, i happened to work on that transition on friday in a move to move session at the gym, perfect timing.

The skill level of white belts has improved so much. Your aggresiveness is a big plus, you don't back up and constantly attack. You sure knew what you were doing? THe opponents were overwhelmed.

wow brother very good matches, let us know when your blue comes up its obvious your close.


 blue time

Thanks everyone. I appreciate it.

Thanks everyone.

lol you can see me competing behind you in the first vid

you're ready for blue btw

JerseyJoeJitsu - lol you can see me competing behind you in the first vid

nice! how did you do?

and thanks, this was my first 'big' tournament win, so i'm really happy with how i performed under 'pressure'.