2 Weight Cutting Qs

  1. How long does it take the body to rehydrate?

  2. How does this plan sound?: Ive got a boxing match on next Sunday, ill probably be 5lbs over the limit (took the call on late notice) by our last sparring session on Wed. Ill hit the sauna for 30mins Thurs & Fri mornings, mainly for detox, as well as take a herbal laxative & potassium sparing diuretic to drop some waste Thurs & Fri.

I also plan to drop carbs all the way to a 250g pasta meal for the last meal on the Sat night & then another 250g breakfast on the Sun. I will continue to drink 3-5l of water every day.

Any hints, tips, do's & donts will be greatly appreciated.

I should have added: weighs in are at 10am, ill have about 2hrs between weighing in & fighting.

i plan to have my last meal at about 8pm Sat, breakfast about 7-8am Sunday & a shake straight after the weigh in (consisting of 100g oats, 200g mixed berries & 30g protein powder)

What's your weight? Maning what % will you lose?

According to my last notes, ill be 74.5kg on Wed & need to be 72kg on Sunday so thats about a 3.5% loss. Its definitely not a drastic cut by any means.

Last time i messed up bad, i didnt realise my scales were out & had to lose 2kgs the day before. i was still dehydrated & lost the fight, i thought id done enough to re-hydrate, i got my piss clear again but since ive read it takes 19 hours on avg. to fully rehydrate (hence my 1st Q for clarification). I also did not eat the enough the night before or the morning of the fight. Straight after the weigh in i followed this:

Immediately post weigh-in 1 large Mars bar
250ml bottle isotonic drink
(Sip 1.5-2litres of water during the 2 hour period but do not bloat)

30mins later 6 oatcake biscuits
1 scoop whey + 2 tsp sugar in water

30 mins later Chocolate flapjack
50ml bottle isotonic drink

30mins later 6 oatcakes
Kendal mint cake or Mars bar

Which i stole from here:

i think i got about 3.5l of water in between weighing in & fighting.

If you have 2 hours between the weigh in and the fight you shouldn't be cutting.

Even if its through diet not dehyrdation?

TTT - Ive been Brennans forum but i couldnt any specific anwers. But goddamn there is alot of good info. on the gotta lose x in 13 days thread.

2hrs is not enough time for your sport. You need to be physically much more aerobic then I do in my sport!

I cut 3.1Kg from 87.3Kg (morning weight, post toilet, naked on competition scales) to 84.25Kg over 2 days. Didn't eat anything over 2 days apart from half a can of chilli on each day. One cup of water over 2 days. Sauna for an 40ins on/ off and lost some more weight during my sleep.

You lose ~ 1kg depending on how big you are in your sleep.

I would advise against sauna for Thursday and Friday like that, unless it works for you. For me it would not work well.

250g of pasta is not cutting!

DO NOT EAT breakfast before the weigh in. Eat it afterwards.

Make sure your weighing yourself at the same time each day.

But again 2hrs is not a lot time for you to recover at all. Not too bad for weightlifting and I usually lift later on in the groups so I get a bit extra to recover.


Cheers Koing

I know pasta aint cutting, im hoping to be under enough to allow it.

I came in at 71.00kgs & could have had a dump before hand. Ending up losing a close dec.