2 year old bro is a Daniel Bryan mark and it's

http://instagram.com/p/mczkXls1vW/ Phone Post 3.0


He's my excuse to watch wrestling haha he loves the undertaker and Kane but is terrified of sin cars and rey Phone Post 3.0

Daniel Bryan is good and all, but he's the sorta smart mark circle jerk wrestler that makes me long for the days of guys who look like they could kick your ass in the bar fight.

Gentlemen such as:

Dick Murdoch
Harley Race
Bruiser Brody

among others.

My point is, my opinion is more important than OP's brother, and OP himself for that matter.

Op's brother is 2
And while yeah it would be cool for a guy who looked the part to be champ Bryan's work is awesome and he deserves it for me the only other guys that could do it and I'd be happy are barret rusev and Cesaro Phone Post 3.0

lol, I'm the biggest Danielson fan on this forum. Only Grizz could challenge me on that.

Haha that's cool I wish I had followed him pre wwe days Phone Post 3.0

If my baby bro was on this forum he would be the biggest fan tho Phone Post 3.0

He's one of the few guys that was damn near great within a year or two of being in the game.


^That's my favorite match. Ever. Seriously, ever. Not just in Super 8 history, not just ECWA history, not just indy scene history, but my favorite wrestling match ever. Period. He was like 2 years into the business maximum at this point, and cranked out not just this masterpiece, but 2 other good-great matches that same night vs. Spanky and Reckless Youth. That is how good Daniel Bryan is.


Yet another great match between those 2 gentleman, once again during Danielson's second match in the game.

Thanks Saint can't wait to watch these later Phone Post 3.0

Second year in the game btw.

Subbed to watch those matches Phone Post 3.0