20 Rep squat program??

Hi everyone, I have seen a book called called "Super Squats" and it uses something called the 20 rep squat program and I am wondering whether to get it or not.
I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this or a similar program in the past and if so how did it go for you.
Thanks for your time and any comments will be appreciated

if you want to gain weight get it. I gained about 20 pounds in 2 months doing 20 rep squats (not the specific routine(s) in the book, but similar).

When I used to train exclusively for size, I got up to about 185 or so thanks to the 20 reppers among other things like diet. It seems to work well.I

m looking to gain about 5-7 solid pounds while still do my fight training. I started 20 reppers again yesterday (sore as hell today), eating a lot, I should be able to get to a good 170 walk around weight.

Jonwell, what was the variation you did? How often did you 20 rep? I'm only doin 1ce a week right now, as the last workout of the week. I fight at 155 so I don't want to get any bigger than 170.




Chad- Basically I substituted 20 rep squats for my normal 5x5 scheme, once a week. Lots of sleep, lots of food= ill fitting pants.

I just bought the book last week!Thumbs up!Buy it, I thought it was very interesting!

Baz's link is pretty interesting, takes the 20 repper and makes it a 50 repper (instead of using a 10 rep max you use a 25 rep max)... might be an interesting variation for strength-endurance. Perhaps.


squatdog made me laugh with his response

LOL, me too.

Doesn't the Super Squats routine involve downing grotesque amounts of milk as well? Or am I thinking of something else?

im assuing u only do one set, how much weight do you use, 50% of your one rep max?


Thanks for getting back to me guys.
I'm going to buy the book after reading your responces.
I have just got one last question. If the routine is to do 20 squats how will that add mass to the chest or arms for example??
Is there somthing that I'm missing here?

Squats have an anabolic effect on the entire body.

Is the 20 rep program done rest-pause style with a moderate % of your 1rm? Details anyone...

fiat- the idea is to take your 10 rep max and bang out 20. In general, after 10-12 you're going rest pause style and the last 3 reps may take a good 45-60 seconds. The 10 rep max, I would hope, would be optimistic for those regular members of the forum, as its based on the assumption that people aren't working hard enough... I believe regular members of this board work PLENTY hard. Just experiment with it for a while and you'll settle on a weight that you can hit 20 times, no more, and go from there.

You train 3 days a week!Say Monday,Wednesday,and Friday!Each training day you do 1 set of 20rep squats adding 5 to 10 pounds each time, plus you train your other body parts(bench press,shoulder press,and so on) on top of the squats!Also you drink a ton of milk!

I'm assuming the ton of milk can be substituted by protein supplements and proper high calorie diet? or does milk have something extra?

not especially, its just cheap and plentiful.

"Why didn't someone tell me this before"

I've asked myself that about a lot of things after reading this forum.

I bought this book and used the program-got big and strong. My squat went from 135 to 220 for 20 by the end of 10 weeks. I only squatted 2x a week ate alot and drank a couple of pints of milk a day

The original program states taking your 10 rep max, but really you should start at about 30lbs under. Like most lifting if you start to heavy too soon you will stall. Take a few weeks to ease into it.