20 Rep Squat / TRap Bar / Deadlift

Looking for opinions / ideas regarding the 20 rep scheme. As far as the diffrences between the use of squats, trapbar, and deadlift ?
Pros, and Cons of the different lifts in the 20 rep scheme.


all three are good. the only con i had was with the squats,my arms and hands would go numb due to the bar cutting off circulation for having it on my traps so long.My lower back would fatigue before my legs would.

You'll gain weight if you do it, don't think there's any argument about that.

isn't the idea of the 20 rep squat program to do your ten rep max in squats 20 times?

I think if you tried doing it with deadlifts your grip would give before hitting that 20th rep.

I like romanian deads with a clean grip.

I would do 3 sets of 20.

I started with 135 lbs and over a couple of months I pregressed to 275 lbs.

But like it was stated above my grip would go on the last set so I had to use wraps which I hate.

I built up on the weight slowly focusing on incresing the speed as the pull progressed and driving my hips forward to finish the lift.

I don't like the 20 rep squat program because it irritates my knees.

But it's my own fault since I get a bit sloppy and it leads to a repetive stress injury which I also get from doing high reps of mountain climbers or bodyweight squats.

I'm glad I saw this since I'm planning on starting a new routine with the whole Speed Kills philosophy.

With lots of sprints, speed lifts i.e. romanian deads, box squats, bouncing push ups, push presses, kipping pull ups, oly lifts and their variants, and lots and lots of plyos.

I'm planning on applying Wiggy's principles from Singles and Doubles to some of my work outs as well as some Crossfit philosophy.

I put one of my friends on the 20 rep squat program, and made sure he ate a lot of food and lifted heavy. Motherfucker gained 25 pounds in about 7 weeks. I've never been so proud of anyone before. He went away to school, and I didn't think he ever started the program I wrote up for him. Comes back huge as fuck and 25 pounds heavier. Drug free too. I highly advise giving 20 rep squats a try.

20 rep squats were the hardest thing bth physicaly and mentally i've ever done in the gym, but if you do it right and eat like a horse the results are more than worth it

Gusto is correct. And EricM is right on the money about how the set goes.

I used to 20-rep squat and it caused my ass and legs to grow so fast I still have stretch marks all over my hips and by my nuts on my inner thighs. It has to be one of the best for stimulating growth.

After a month of squatting or so, though, my back starts to bother me no matter how I vary it. I started doing lighter 50-rep squat, but that didn't help. I went heavier and just did 8-10 reps, but that made my back hurt more.

Now I just do trap bar deadlift. It's right there with squat as far as growth and mass-stimulating, and it doesn't bother my back anywhere near as much. Plus it adds a whole new element of work to the grip and across the upper back and shoulders. I do a warmup set of about 12 reps, then one working set of 12-15 reps. I'm working my way back down to 6-8 reps. I want my deadlift as strong as possible, even now I feel like I can run through a wall.