$2000 in 3 Days!!!!What to do now?

I can't believe it myself. I recently made a thread when I won $500 off of $50 a couple of days ago. That $500 has turned into $2000!!!!!

I am not bullshitting, I swear, 2Gs off of $50. The thing is I don't know what to do now???

I've never had a bankroll this big. I've already Cashed out a $500.

Iam a college student and have played TX hold'em for about 2 years now usually with $20 buy ins with .25-.50 blinds. The most I have ever won in one night is about $250. Whats the best course of action now?

This is still like a dream. I know 2gs might not like sound like a lot compared to what some of you make. But for a straving college kid like myself its a small fortune.

Any advice would be apperciated.

I can't really say what's best for you, but if I had the $2,000 "problem" that you have, I'd take $1000 and put it into savings. I don't know about you but I pay my own tution and what not, so I'd save it so that I know when the bills come around I've got some extra cash to put towards them. I'd then take $250-$500 and I'd use that to pay existing bills, or if you don't have any then take about $250 and enjoy life with it. I'd then keep the other $500-$750 and keep that as a bankroll and then continue to play at the level you have been. Remember, the swings come and go both ways, so keep your bankroll large enough to handle it when it swings back the other way, and don't get ahead of yourself and start playing beyond your bankroll.

How did you turn your $500 into 2G's so quick, S&G, multi table tourneys, no limit, limit games? What?

Anyways, congrats man, just don't throw the money around or gamble it all away, you got it now do something good with it. My friends would just go out and buy a new computer and then two weeks later they've be bitching that they can't affoard to go to a movie. Be smart with it and continue to play smart so hopefully you can do it again.


do you got bills like credit cards or a car or student loans? pay them off as much as you can with those 2g's

no all my expenses are paid for. I have a scholarship, and my car is paid for. I all really spend money on is food.

well in that case, savings would be a good idea, maybe a short term CD, 6 months or a year can give you a chance to figure out what to do with it once the CD expires.

I would recommend keeping as much as you can in your poker bankroll. Like I said in your other thread, you are running very well, but don't expect it to last. There will be a downswing.

i would buy my own private island with yacht and luxury mansion. i'd also get a fleet of escalades , a subway sandwich shop, and a cat. whatever is left over you should put into long term high yield florida real estate develpoments for your children to live off.


For me I would cash most of it out. I tend to play more sloppy when I have over a $1000. I don't grind out the $3 pots with enough urgency when I have a big roll. It sounds like you are not comfortable with such a big roll as well. If you care, psychology says not to dwell on big wins or losses too much for a whole host of reasons but they are all dull. If you are not used to having that much money (play money) I would take it all out of the bank and in twenties and hold it. It seems ridiculous but I gaurantee afterwards you will know its value. Cyber cash doesn't hold the same (subjective) value as a big fat wad in your pocket.

Congrats. That's a great hit.

Whatever amount I could afford to lose, without staying up at night if I lost it, or sitting around being miserable about it, is what I would use for my bankroll.

The rest I'd pay off bills or I might even buy myself something I've been wanting for awhile, but just couldn't justify it.

If it was me, I'd keep $500 of it and keep the rest in my poker bankroll and move up to a slightly bigger game.

buy a pound of weed and turn that 2000 into 4000

lol at leftbench.

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