2004-2005 Grizzlies Thread

It starts tomorrow against the Wizards....Stay Tuned for further updates.

Im predicting the Grizz win 52 games this year

wow..griz release bell and outlaw.

i'll predict griz with 49 wins this year.


LoL @ Dan and then LOL @ the Griz losing to a Wizard team only fielding 8 players. That is just sad.

LOL, quick is correct.


The grizz have had a rough start to the Season.They havent been playing even close to their potential,but they have showed signs of their true form the last 3 games.The shooting has to get better, as it was against the Lakers.

2 in a row.

that was an ass whiping last night.

Yes it was, and Golden State is the worst team in the NBA.Thats pretty sad when a team like the expansion Bobcats are better than them,so far.

I'm a Grizzlies fan now.

But only because I ended up with three of them (Williams, Battier, and Wells) on my OG NBA Fantasy team, lol.

Oh, and Mike Miller scored 73 on my younger brother's AAU team one summer, so I've followed his career too.

I'll guess 49 wins also.

Great game last night.They beat the Spurs without Gasol and Posey.The Grizz are finally getting it together.

TTT for the great Hubie Brown.

mavs clamp down in the second half!

That makes me angry. :(

Lost to Knicks last night, now thats plain sad.But the good news is that Fratello has been hired, with the hope that this can be turned around.Heck I might even be able to report a win in the next few days,lol.

Disappointing season, I really thought they were on the rise after the second half of last year......

Yeah, I'm glad you guys got Fratello.

They should get a surge here with a new coach. The Griz are to good to be playing this bad.